Chapter 71. Noah, Nuh

71.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

71:1 We sent Noah to his people to

warn them before a Painful Punishment came.

71:2 He said: O my people I am a Clear Warner to you.

71:3 So serve God and be in Wise Fear of Him

and obey me.

71:4 He Does Forgive transgressions

and Has Delayed you for a named term.

Then when the Term Of God comes it cannot be delayed

if you only knew.

71:5 He said: My Lord I invited my people night and day

71:6 but my calling increased them not except in flight.

71:7 Truly whenever I told them You Would Forgive them

they put their fingers in their ears

and covered themselves with their garbs

and persisted in proud insolence yea arrogantly!

71:8 I called to them out in the open

71:9 indeed with a Goodly announcing.

And I tried confiding with them privately.

71:10 I said: Seek Forgiveness Of your Lord

He Is Forgiving!

71:11 He Will Send Down from the sky His Abundance

71:12 and Supply you with wealth and children

and Make gardens for you

and rivers that flow.

71:13 What ails you that you do not see the Majesty Of God?

71:14 Do you not know He Is Who Created you in stages?

71:15 And have you not considered how God Created Seven Heavens in layers

71:16 and Made the moon a cool light therein

and Made the sun a burning torch? Objects in shadows from moonlight are warmer and Gen 1:14-19 says the moon emits its own light.

71:17 And look How God Has Caused you to develop Bringing you forth from what is in the Earth. Carbon 12 and H20

71:18 And He Will Return you to it

then He Will Bring you Forth Anew. Again, new bodies!

71:19 And look How God Made the Earth an expanse for you

71:20 that you might travel the broad ways thereof.

71:21 Noah said: My Lord they have opposed me and followed one whose wealth and children have increased them not except in final loss.

71:22 And they schemed a mighty scheme

71:23 then they told me: You are not to leave our jinn gods!

Nay. You are not to leave wadd

nor suwa

nor yaghuth

nor yauq

nor nasr.

71:24 Truly they have gone far astray

and do not guide the wrongdoers except to more error.

71:25 Yea and because of their errors they were drowned

and caused to enter the Fire

indeed they found no protectors besides God for them.

71:26 Noah had said: My Lord Leave not a single one of these fools on Earth!

71:27 For if Thou Does they will lead Thy Servants astray and produce nothing but more foolish ingrates.

71:28 But my Lord please Forgive my parents and I

and those who enter my household as believers

yea the believing men

and the believing women.

But Increase Thou not the wrongdoers except in ruin!