Chapter 72. The Jinn, al-jinn

72.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

72:1 Say: I am instructed that a band among the jinn

have listened in while Gabriel was delivering this to Mohamet

and they said: We have heard an Amazing Recitation!

72:2 One that guides to sound judgement

and we believe in it

and do not ascribe a partnership with our Lord to any.

72:3 And that

Exalted Be the Majesty Of our Lord

He Who has taken neither wife nor son!

72:4 And that

a foolish one of ours ascribed that outrageous lie about God.

72:5 And that

truly we had supposed humans nor jinn would do this.

72:6 And that

those among humans would not seek protection from those among jinn by invoking them with witchcraft/sorcery

yea then it increased them only in vileness.

72:7 And that

humans supposed as the jinn supposed that God would not raise anyone.

72:8 And that

we reached for the sky in their UFOs

but found it filled with stern guards who shoot stars.

72:9 And that

we once sat in good positions for hearing

but whoever listens in now will find a shooting star lying in wait for them.

72:10 And that

we know not whether Punishment is intended for those of Earth

or whether our Lord Intended the Straight Path for us.

72:11 And that

among us are those Righteous and among us are other than that

we are of diverse paths. So, there are good and bad jinn.

72:12 And that

we know that we cannot escape God in the Earth

nor can we escape Him through flight. Recall this was given to us 1,400 years ago. Who was able to fly back then? jinn in UFOs maybe?

72:13 And that

when we heard the Guidance we believed in it

and whoever believes in their Lord with Wise Fear

they shall suffer neither meagerness nor harm.

72:14 And that

among us are the submitted and among us are the deceived

but whoever submits these have sought the Right Path.

72:15 As for the unjust they are like firewood for Hell.

72:16 Had they been on the Right Path We would have given them water to drink in abundance

72:17 that We might test them in it.

But whoever turns away from Remembrance of The Lord He Will Sentence to a Most Severe Punishment.

72:18 And that

all houses of worship should only be for God

those therein calling not to anyone but Him.

72:19 And that

when the Servant Of God stood up calling to Him

a dense crowd amassed eager to listen.

72:20 Saying: I only call to my Lord and ascribe no partnership with Him to anyone.

72:21 And: I have no power to hurt you nor can I put you on the Right Path

72:22 and like you none can grant me protection from God

nor can I find refuge without Him

72:23 unless I am delivering Messages From God

His Messages.

And whoever opposes God and His Messengers

theirs is the Fire of Hell

ones who will dwell in it for Eternity.

72:24 And when they have seen What they are Promised

then they will know who is without protection and weak in number. This infers the possibility of Trillions of angels.

72:25 Say: I do not know if what you are Promised is near

or if my Lord Has Named it a distant term.

72:26 And He Is The One Who Knows the unseen!

He discloses not the unseen to anyone

72:27 except a messenger with whom He Is Content.

And He Places in front of him and behind him Watchers

72:28 so He Will Know that they have conveyed the Messages Of their Lord.

And He Enwraps whatever is with them with numbers

and Counts Everything with numbers. Those who read pages 5 onward of #119 of the Goyim Gazette will get a detailed mathematical exploration of the mind boggling meanings behind these last 3 verses.