Chapter 73. The Enwrapped One, al-Muzammil

73.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

73:1 O thou enwrapped one! Again, Gods’ last messenger who is identified by numerical miracles. All during this final age of computerized information, the only era like it in recorded history for humans.

73:2 Arise during the night

only a little

73:3 or maybe half thereof

or reduce it some

73:4 or add thereto

and comprehend the Quran with a Goodly comprehending. Most of the editing hereto was done late at night!

73:5 For We will cast upon thee some Deep Understandings.

73:6 Lo the vigil of the night is often best for keenness of mind

and Potency of the Word

73:7 for by day thou has other things to focus on.

73:8 So remember The Name Of YHWH thy Lord

and devote thyself totally to Him.

73:9 The Lord of the Rising and the Setting

there is no god but He

so take Only Him As your Guardian.

73:10 And be thou steadfast over what they say

just leave them with graceful abandon.

73:11 Yea leave thou to Me the ones who deny

those possessors of ease.

You will only have to put up with them for a little while.

73:12 For with Us are their shackles

in the Raging Fire

73:13 and a food that chokes

theirs will only be Painful Punishment and shame.

73:14 The Day the Earth and the mountains will shake

then level out as if sand being vibrated.

73:15 Yea We have sent a messenger as a witness against you

as We sent a messenger to pharaoh.

73:16 But pharaoh opposed his messenger

so We seized him with a Deadly Grip.

73:17 So how will you be in Wise Fear if you deny the Day which will make the children white haired

73:18 when the great sky will crack open?

Yea His Promise will be fulfilled.

73:19 This is a Reminder

so whoever wills might take a Way to their Lord.

73:20 Thy Lord Knows that thou loves His Word nearly two thirds of the night

or a half of it

or a third of it

as do a number of those with thee.

And God Determined the night and the day for you

Knowing that you could not.

He Turned Towards you in Forgiveness yea Optimistic.

So recite what is made easy of the Quran.

He Knows there will be some sick among you

and others traveling in the Earth in search of the Bounty Of God

and others fighting for the Cause Of God.

So recite what is made easy hereof

and uphold the Prayer

and be conscious of Gods’ Presence

and lend to God a Goodly loan.

Yea what Good you send ahead for your souls you will find it Magnified By God into an Immense Reward.

So seek Forgiveness Of God.

and know indeed God Is Forgiving, Merciful.