Chapter 74. The Cloaked One, al-Mudathir

74.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

74:1 O cloaked one. Again speaking of the “Al-Mahdi” this time about how God will keep his identity secret from his enemies until the right time. (now)

74:2 Stand up and warn!

74:3 And magnify thy Lord

74:4 and purify thy garment by being vegan

74:5 and depart from uncleanliness of mind

74:6 and do no favors seeking gain Hence why all our stuff is free.

74:7 and be patient unto thy Lord.

74:8 Then when the trumpet is sounded

74:9 truly that Day will be a Difficult Day

74:10 yea for all the fools it will not be easy.

74:11 So leave Me to whom I Created

74:12 those I Appointed with wealth

74:13 and children

74:14 and Made Smooth for them.

74:15 Then they think that I Should Add more?

74:16 No indeed!

They were obstinate towards Our Proofs.

74:17 So I Will Burden them with a steep ascent.

74:18 Truly they deliberated

and measured.

74:19 O how they accounted only to be destroyed!

74:20 Yea damned are their deliberations!

74:21 Yea they were shown

74:22 then they frowned and scowled

74:23 and turned away in pride

74:24 saying: This is only fantasy handed down

74:25 the mere speech of a mortal.

74:26 So We will burn them in Saqar.

74:27 And what will convey to thee what Saqar is?

74:28 It spares not and leaves nothing

74:29 scorching the flesh.

74:30 And over it are nineteen.

74:31 We made nineteen angels the only wardens of the Fire

and We made their number a trial for disbelievers.

So those who were given the scriptures are reassured and those who believed will add to their belief.

Yea both people of the Bible and the Quran will no longer have doubt. Speaking of the “miracle of nineteen” only recently discovered via computers which were necessary to unlock the mindboggling mathematical codes God Placed quite literally everywhere in the original Arabic of this Quran and throughout His Creation, the Vedas and Bible too.

But those who are sick in their heart and deceivers who wish to hide the truth and disbelievers deceived by them say: What does God Intend by such examples?

And it is in such manner God Will Lead Astray or Guide whomever He Wills.

Only God Knows His Faithful Soldiers

but this is a Remembrance to all mankind.

74:32 And no indeed! I swear by the moon

74:33 and the night when it retreats

74:34 and the morning when it glows!

74:35 This is one of the greatest of all things

74:36 the Warning to mortals.

74:37 Whoever among you chooses to advance or to stay behind when a battle calls

74:38 know that every soul is in pledge for what it earns.

74:39 But the companions of the right

74:40 will be in Gardens exchanging questions

74:41 about the losers such as:

74:42 What brought them into Saqar?

74:43 They would say: We had not been among the performers of Prayer

74:44 and we had not fed the needy

74:45 and we jested with those who jest

74:46 and denied the Day of Judgement

74:47 until the Certainty came to us and it was too late.

74:48 And no benefit to them is intercession of intercessors.

74:49 Then what ails them that they turn away from the Reminder to fear the warnings in this Quran

74:50 as if they were frightened donkeys

74:51 fleeing from a lion? Avoid or embrace and heed this, it’s a choice!

74:52 The Truth is some egotistical ones desire to be given scrolls rolled out specially just for themselves as Proof.

74:53 But nay. Hence they will not fear the Hereafter.

74:54 Indeed! For truly specifically this Quran is their Reminder

74:55 so let whoever wills heed it.

74:56 And they will find those who do are only as God Wills.

Yea in this know He Is Worthy of much Wise Fear

and that He Is Capable of Granting His Forgiveness.