Chapter 75. Rising Of The Dead, al-Qiyamah

75.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

75:1 I swear by the Day of Resurrection!

75:2 And I swear by the reproachful soul.

75:3 Does mankind really think We cannot Recreate their bodies?

75:4 Verily We are able to Recreate each identically down to their fingerprints. Denoting their uniqueness only recently proven.

75:5 Nonetheless they want to deny the Day that comes.

75:6 They ask: When is the Day of Resurrection?

75:7 Then when the sight is dazzled

75:8 and the sun is darkened as also in Rev, Isa, Eze, Joel, etc.

75:9 and gathered with the moon

75:10 that Day they will say: Where can I escape to?

75:11 No indeed! There is no escape.

75:12 Unto thy Lord that Day is the Destination.

75:13 The Day they are informed of what they did wrong and not done Right.

75:14 Yea humans are eye witnesses against their own souls

75:15 even if they offer excuses.

75:16 And prophet move not thy tongue to hasten with it. Meaning don’t try to fill in or finish the Revelations coming from Gabriel during deliveries.

75:17 For upon Us is Its Gathering and Its Recitation.

75:18 So when We Recite it just follow the Recitation thereof.

75:19 Then indeed upon Us is also Its Explanation. i.e. now!

75:20 It is as if you love that which fleets away in this life

75:21 while abandoning the World To Come.

75:22 Faces that Day will be beaming

75:23 looking towards their Lord.

75:24 And faces that Day will be scowling in morose

75:25 at the crushing calamity before their eyes.

75:26 Yea indeed! When it reaches the collar bones at death

75:27 and it is said: Where is a wizard to save me now?

75:28 And they are certain of its Finality

75:29 digging in their heels with futility

75:30 but unto thy Lord that Day they will be driven.

75:31 For they neither took heed

nor performed the Prayer.

75:32 Nay! They rejected and turned

75:33 back to lives of arrogance.

75:34 Indeed nearer to thee!

And nearer!

75:35 Then nearer yet!

And nearest it does come!

75:36 Do they think they will be left to pay no price?

75:37 Were they but the result of a drop of seminal fluid emitted?

75:38 Then a clot

that He Created

and Designed

75:39 and Made into two

the male and the female.

75:40 Is He not then Able To Bring Back the dead? Yea!