Chapter 76. Human, al-Insan

76.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

76:1 Was there not a long span of time before humans were even thought of? 15:27 And We Created the jinn before humans from a mixture of fire of scorching heat. (bionic cyborg lifeforms aka ETs)

76:2 Yea We Created humans from a drop of sperm

so that We may test souls

while being cognizant.

76:3 And truly We guided them all to the Way

regardless of if grateful or ungrateful at first. All Adamites and jinn have freewill but many abandon their instincts and get condemned.

76:4 And We prepared for fools chains and yokes in an Inferno.

76:5 While the virtuous will drink cool mixtures of Kafur

76:6 a spring whereof the Servants Of God drink

which is caused to gush forth abundantly.

76:7 Yea if they fulfill the vows

and have Wise Fear of the Day that comes

76:8 and give of the food they love

to the needy

the orphans

and the captives.

76:9 They say: We only feed you because it is Gods’ Way

while seeking no reward or thanks.

76:10 For we fear From our Lord a Dismal and Distressful Day.

76:11 So God Will Protect us from the misery of that Day

and Cause us to meet with radiance and joyfulness.

76:12 And He Will Reward us with Gardens and silk for enduring steadfastly.

76:13 Yea reclining therein upon raised couches

seeing neither sun nor biting frost

76:14 temperate with shade nearby

and copious fruits thereof within easy reach.

76:15 And silver crystal goblets passed among them

76:16 indeed clear cups overflowing.

76:17 And they are given to drink a cup mixed with ginger

76:18 from a spring therein named Salsabil.

76:19 And serving them will be eternal youths small ETs moving about who when one sees would think them to be as scattered pearls.

76:20 Yea when thou sees them it will be a sight of bliss in the Great Dominion.

76:21 Wearing garments of finest green silk and brocade

with adornments of silver bracelets

offering Purifying Drinks From their Lord.

76:22 Truly this is for you as Reward

for your endeavoring which He Appreciates.

76:23 Hence We sent down upon thee the Quran as a successive Revelation.

76:24 So be patient for Judgement Of thy Lord over all

and do not obey the perverts nor ingrates.

76:25 And remember The Name Of thy Lord at early morn and eventide

76:26 and part of the night.

Yea submit to Him

and glorify Him much in the long night.

76:27 Those who love this fleeting life

and do not care to think of the Grievous Day to come

76:28 should know We Created them and built their frames and We will change their likenesses completely. Again upon resurrection we are given new bodies of whatever type we’ve earned. Some made for Hell and some made for Heaven. Kind of like matrix/avatar, God Can Put our souls into anything He Chooses which should be quite sobering when considering the possibilities.

76:29 This is a reminder

so whoever wills may take the Way to their Lord.

76:30 But after you will you will will only as God Wills

yea God Is Knowing, Wise. Good one eh?!

76:31 He Causes whom He Wills to enter into His Mercy

and for the wrongdoers He Has Prepared a Painful Punishment.