Chapter 77. The Messengers, al-Mursalat

77.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

77:1 By the ones sent forth one after the other ranks of angels

77:2 and with them tempestuous winds a raging

77:3 scattering a goodly scattering of humans and jinn

77:4 and dividing a goodly dividing. the saved from the damned

77:5 And the deliverers of Remembrance the arch angels

77:6 as justification and Warning for this Day.

77:7 Yea you have been Promised

it will befall.

77:8 Truly when the stars no longer shine

77:9 and the sky is rent asunder

77:10 and the mountains are laid flat

77:11 and the messengers are gathered on a Day Appointed. To serve as witnesses against those communities they warned.

77:12 And of what Appointed Day do We speak?

77:13 The Day of Decision.

77:14 And how will you know it is the Day of Decision?

77:15 You will see great woe that Day upon the deniers!

77:16 Have We not decimated former peoples with fire and rocks?

77:17 Indeed! And again We will pursue those come of late

77:18 for thus do We do to all evildoers.

77:19 So woe that Day to the deniers!

77:20 Have We not Created you from a sticky slime?

77:21 And did We not place you in a secure lodging the womb

77:22 for a measured time? 9 months

77:23 Yea it was We who determined

and how excellent are We to determine!

77:24 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:25 Have We not made the Earth a vast container a test trap!

77:26 for all that lives and dies?

77:27 And have We made therein high mountains firm

and given you cool sweet waters?

77:28 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:29 You shall depart into that which you denied!

77:30 Depart thou under the shade of the Fire! Thick smoke.

77:31 The shade that gives no relief

nor avails against the raging flames of the Fire!

77:32 Bursting columns of flames

77:33 as if giant fiery ropes.

77:34 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:35 This Day they will not speak

77:36 thereby permitting not the putting forth of excuses.

77:37 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:38 This is the Day of Decision

when We will gather every soul past and present.

77:39 So if you think you are cunning try to outwit Me!

77:40 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:41 When those of Wise Fear are amidst shade and springs

77:42 with delicious fruits of their desire.

77:43 Yea eat and drink with ease for what you endured!

77:44 Thus We Reward the doers of Good.

77:45 But woe that Day to the deniers!

77:46 Eat and enjoy yourselves a little now

you criminals.

77:47 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:48 Those warned to bow

but did not bow.

77:49 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:50 And if not this Quran what after it will they believe?